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Join us to raise funds for our mental health support program for youth.

Light A Lamp

Striving to fill the gaps, so no one struggles alone

Light A Lamp supports vulnerable groups struggling with mental or physical health challenges and recognizes inner strength.

Our inspirational gift packages include specialized daily necessities, resources, and options for connection groups.


Shining Light Into Lives With A Gift From The Heart

Light a Lamp is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit representing selflessness and service.  We encourage the vulnerable, brighten the lives of those struggling, and acknowledge exceptional work ethic and inner strength.

Project Lift Up logo

Suicide Prevention Program and Kindness Mission

Project Lift Up

Project Lift Up supports youth struggling with feelings of hopelessness, severe anxiety, and depression.  Light A Lamp works with schools in Spokane and outlying areas to provide mental health packages that offer encouragement and let students know - “you are not alone!”

little girl with cleft lip being held by mother and father

Supporting Families

Cleft Lip & Craniofacial Family Support

Light A Lamp works with the Providence Maxillofacial Program associated with Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital to support families of children born with cleft lip and/or cleft palate.  We provide custom gift baskets and host events to help families connect with each other.

luminary gift box

Supporting The Community

Community Outreach & Recognition

We believe in serving the community wherever there's a need.  Whether it's serving meals, recognizing local everyday heroes, or delivering gifts to encourage and support, Light A Lamp strives to spread kindness and cheer, inspire our community, and brighten lives.

Small Things Help Change Lives - Your Help Adds Up!



Students Helped
local hero receiving gift basket


Local Heroes Recognized
Cleft Support Group


Cleft Families Supported

Who We Are

Light a Lamp began serving the community in 2014 and became an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 2019.  Our mission is to support the vulnerable, encourage those going through tough times, and recognize exceptional workers and volunteers in our community.

Our primary focus is Project Lift Up, a suicide prevention program supporting youth in our local schools.  We also support the Providence Maxillofacial program for families of children born with cleft lip/palate, and do several other community outreach events.

We're a small team of volunteers, supported by donations from local businesses and individuals in our community.

Delivering Light A Lamp gift baskets

Who We Help

Jeff Naslund

Principal - Mead High School

Light a Lamp’s ”Project Lift Up” came at just the right time and did what was intended. The simple act of encouragement, some treats, and resources equipped our staff to identify those who could best use it at any given time and gave the necessary pick me up.

But it was also so much more. It truly allowed some of our most vulnerable students to feel seen. To belong. Thank you for supporting such a worthy cause!

Julia Binderim

Activity Director

Angella brought in a box of flameless candles for our residents at Regency @Northpointe. Our residents really seemed to enjoy the candles. One resident in particular wanted it placed in front of her during her lunch. Since that day she has wanted it placed on her tray table when she eats and to have it glowing at bed time.

I feel this has brought joy to our residents in these trying times with COVID-19 making it impossible to have their families in the facility. So we want to say a heartfelt THANK YOU from the residents and staff at Regency.

Help Provide A Light In The Darkness

Light A Lamp and Project Lift Up are funded by donations from the community, and all the work is done by volunteers. 

Our generous sponsors and donors make it possible for us to provide our "hope packages" to more schools.  You can help by donating to Light A Lamp or participating in one of our fundraising activities!

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