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Join us to raise funds for our mental health support program for youth.

What We Do

Light A Lamp Mission Statement

Light a Lamp is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit which offers assistance to vulnerable groups struggling with mental or physical health challenges and recognizes inner strength.  Two of our main areas of focus are youth struggling with anxiety or depression and families of children born with cleft lip and palate.

We provide inspirational gift packages that include specialized daily necessities, resources, and options for connection groups. 

Project Lift Up gift box

Project Lift Up

Project Lift Up supports youth who struggle with feelings of anxiety and hopelessness.  Light A Lamp works with schools in our community to provide encouragement with a mental health package and let students know - "you are not alone!"

Box of Cutie with a Cleft onesies and bibs

Cleft Lip / Palate Family Support

Light A Lamp works with the Providence Maxillofacial Program associated with Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital to support families of children born with cleft lip and/or cleft palate.  We provide custom gift baskets and host events to help families connect with each other.

luminary gift box

Assisted Living Home Deliveries

Light A Lamp supports the elderly in assisted living homes, providing small gifts to bring encouragement and brighten lives.  We also partner with local schools and youth groups to give kids the opportunity to take part in these special deliveries and learn about the joy of giving to others.  Children may create handwritten cards to accompany the gifts, or older children may assist in projects such as making blankets. 


Recognition Gift Baskets

Employers can nominate an employee or volunteer to be a recipient of a gift basket in appreciation of their efforts.  Also, Team Light A Lamp occasionally hands out luminary gift boxes to people in the community who help and inspire others and embody the spirit of Light A Lamp.


Club Light A Lamp

Club Light A Lamp, aka our Selfless Giving Experience Student Project, is an opportunity for students to get involved with helping others through feelings of depression.  Students make bracelets or cards which they can hand out to other students to show that someone cares.

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