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Community Outreach

Serving The Community

Light A Lamp is known for our gifts of appreciation and inspiration in the form of a personalized gift basket or luminary gift box.  Our team goal is to encourage and support the vulnerable, and also to thank the local everyday heroes whose small acts of kindness make our community better.

Assisted Living Home deliveries

Every year, Team Light A Lamp visits and brings gifts of encouragement to several assisted living homes during Christmas, Easter, and occasionally other times.  Gifts include blankets, socks, battery powered candles, pillowcases, or other items to bring warmth and light into the residents' lives.

At times we partner with local schools and/or youth groups to give kids the opportunity to take part in these special deliveries.  This teaches the younger generation about the joy in volunteer work.

For example, elementary students can write cards and older student groups may assist in making blankets and such.

Recognition Gift Baskets

Employers can nominate an employee or volunteer to be a recipient of one of our gift basket deliveries.  This gift of appreciation is a simple act, however employers have found that when their employees feel valued and appreciated, this creates a more positive and productive work environment.

Team Light A Lamp occasionally hands out luminary gift boxes to people in the community who help and inspire others and embody the spirit of Light A Lamp.  These luminary gift boxes contain a gift card and small items such as lotion, soap, or snacks - a tangible "thank you" to those who help make our community a better place to live every day.

Serving Events

Our team believes in helping our community wherever there is a need, whether it's serving meals, helping people connect, brightening someone's day with a gift, or helping to prevent suicide by providing encouragement and hope.  Where there's a need, we find a way to help!

luminary gift box

Light A Lamp

Where there's a need, we find a way to help!

local hero receiving gift basket

Help Light A Lamp Brighten Lives

Light A Lamp is funded by donations from the community, and all the work is done by volunteers. 

You can help us spread light, love, and kindness in the Spokane community by donating to Light A Lamp or participating in one of our fundraising activities!

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